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Harry Callahan

Recently, I bought Dirty Harry Collection -DVD and that gave me an inspiration. The quote isn't from Dirty Harry (1971) but from Magnum Force (1973). Also, the image of Harry himself comes from a Magnum Force movie poster.

Merry Christmas 2022!

As every action movie fan already knows, Die Hard is a Christmas movie. Ho-ho-ho! :)

Jurassic park

The movie that made a huge impact on me. I hadn't seen anything like that before. For the rock texture and ferns I used the photos I had taken myself.

Game over

If the band's name is "Nuclear assault", only suitable thing behind the band's logo is an atomic bomb explosion. I did the logo with Inkscape and the rest with Gimp.


One of the greatest sci-fi action movies. Get to the chopper! :)

The colours of autumn

I had taken some photos of autumn leaves earlier and here I used a couple of them as a basis. The topmost line is my handwriting which I scanned from a piece of paper. I had to write it over and over again to get it looking right.


Snaggletooth is back! This version of the famous mascot is photographed from Motörhead's first album that I managed to purchase from a local record store about 1,5 years ago...

Highway to hell

First, I vectorized the band's logo with Inkscape. Then I changed the program to Gimp, and started to experiment with different images. There are flames in the Australian version of the album, so...

The ultimate weapon

First, I just started to mess around with a mere logo. I have used the graphical elements seen here before but since the outcome was different enough I had to publish this...

Lahti radio masts - 90th anniversary

The building of Lahti radio masts was completed 90 years ago on 26th November 1927. There is one wave for each decade...

Dynamic duo

Holy flypaper! While watching two episode story of 1960's Batman on TV, I got an inspiration. Without Adam West (RIP) and Burt Ward, the world would be much less whimsical.

Are you experienced?

I wanted to create something psychedelic and started messing around with the image of Orion nebula taken with Hubble...

Space Ace

What comes about if one would combine a stellar nursery LH 95 with a former guitarist of KISS? An image full of space.

Motörhead 1975-2015

This is both a tribute and an experiment with colours. And by the way... there can't be Motörhead without Lemmy.

We are creatures of the night

I Started to do this image a couple of days before KISS's gig in Hartwall Arena (Finland). The band used the reminiscent outfits at that gig.

Space odyssey

Here I first combined the artworks of two movie posters and then added some elements from the movie. A tribute for one of the greatest science fiction movies.

Night sky and ufos

This image started as a photo. While screening the photos I took one night this one reminded me of a sci-fi movie "Close encounters of the third kind"...

Watching KISS movie in 1978

Here I wanted to illustrate the moment where American teenager is watching a KISS movie premiere in his/her bedroom.

First Corolla

The starting point was a black and white image of car. It's like tradition for me to sometimes colour something up and try to get the result as lifelike as possible.

Monster of KISS

This image focuses the latest KISS album "Monster". Therefore it shows the current lineup and partial lyrics for the album's song "All for the love of rock & roll".

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"Seductive. Passionate. Possessive. Say hello to Christine... your girlfriend the car."


First, I made a honeycomb pattern. Then I copied it, made the copy somewhat bigger and put the patterns to different layers. The outcome was quite peculiar so I decided to add some gradients and so on...


I created this by using a bitmap image as a basis. I tried to get the cassette look as real as possible. Oh... and by the way, the first record I have owned was a cassette - and I still have it. :)

Three AT-AT walkers

If you have ever seen "Empire strikes back" at least once, you know where I got the inspiration for this image.

Lamborghini Countach LP5000 QV

This image was a very arduous thing to do. To choose the car that wouldn't be too difficult to vectorize took some time too. I'm very pleased with the result considering it isn't photorealistic.

Rust in peace

First, I just vectorized Megadeth's logo from scratch. The mere logo looked pretty lonesome, so I tried out to add different things around it...

V.I.N.CENT. L.F. 396

This wasn't a quick work. The robot alone took a long time to do. Memory leaks while dealing with gradients (in Inkscape) didn't make things easier.

Sonic boom

First, I just experimented with moire patterns. After creating one that looked cool, I wanted to add some text in the middle of pattern. Then the words "sonic" and "boom" came to mind...

The sailor man's 50th year

I just wanted to colour something. The colouring part was pretty easy thing but took a lot of time as did the finetuning of traced bitmap.

Eliminated with ZZ

This wasn't easy thing to do but I'm still very pleased with the end result. The image isn't photorealistic but I didn't even try to achieve that. Have mercy!

Early days of astronomy

I once had a homepage that concentrated on the solar system and its nine planets. If I remember correctly, it had a page or two dealing with historic issues...

Hotter than hell

I did this image on a smaller size (1200x900 px) about a year ago. I wanted to make it bigger and that meant only a couple of elements were fine by just resizing them. Everything else had to be redone.

That famous bottle

This image started on a whim from an urge to vectorize some product logo. The foremost bottle is (originally) drawn by Andy Warhol.

Stormtroopers of the Galactic Empire

That's no moon... but the part of the Death star's elevation plan.

Attacked by the TIE fighters

The Death star didn't trace from a bitmap very well so I had to optimize the vectored image a lot. Thus this image was really arduous to do and I almost got tired to it.

Author: Vesa Lampinen

The purpose of this site is to exhibit some images I have done. I have two paintbrushes: Gimp and Inkscape. This is the version two of the site with a new layout. Still, this site is a mobile friendly thanks to Bootstrap.

Bitmap and vector images are divided to different panels not only because their file formats (.jpg and .svg) differ from each other significantly.

About the vector images

I'll try to keep the SVG images rather simple since they can get really heavy to edit pretty easily. While tracing some bitmap image, it's not unusual to slow down the graphics editor so that it's almost impossible to do anything.

(By the way... that's me mixed with "The Triumph of Death" and the cronicle of Black death written at the cathedral priory of Rochester between 1314 and 1350.)